Tease This End Up now has amazing new Elastics that are very noticeably eye catching for their unique designs, than the standard solid colors. If you really want to stand out amongst the crowd, this is the category to look at for your next event!

The Elite Elastics Designs Shown Below In This Category Are Not Always In Stock, And Not Always Able To Be Shipped Out Quickly For Priority Rush Orders Needing Sooner. Please Allow Up To 4 Weeks Or Less!


Chartreuse Champion Men's Harness
$60.00 $36.00Out of Stock
Unicorn Pink Double Chest Harness
$45.00 $27.00Out of Stock
Unicorn Pink Shoulder Harness
$29.95 $17.97Out of Stock
Chartreuse Shoulder Harness
$30.00 $18.00Out of Stock

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