SuperSlyde LUBE

Are You Ready For SuperSlyde?!

I Don't Think You Are!!


SuperSlyde Lube Is Like No Other Personal Lubricant!

Good Lubrication Is The Only Element Of Great Sexual Chemistry You Can Buy Off The Shelf Or Online!

Ignite Your Performance And Enhance Your Sexual Pleasure With SuperSlyde For An Over-the-Top Sexperience That You Won't Forget!


  • Anal, Vaginal or Massage use. FDA Approved

  • Hypoallergenic and Non-Irritating, no Parabens or Glycerin

  • Award Winning Lubricant since 2013 - Eros Shine Award Australia, Medical Grade Germany Silicone

  • Optimum texture for long play, extremely slippery, waterproof, easily clean with soap and warm water

  • Condoms and Non-Silicone Toys safe


"All You Need To Do Is... Just Try This Incredible Lube Once! - You'll Fall In Love And Not Want To Go Back To Any Other Lubricant! Believe Me!" - Zack Vittorio



SuperSlyde Lube

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